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Can Men Have Filler Too?

There are more male facial treatments being carried out at TLC than ever before! We offer a host of treatments for men that are subtle, minimally invasive, and have long-lasting results. The topic of facial treatments can be an overwhelming one, which is why we’ve compiled our top questions on male facial treatments below.


Male facial treatments – what are some examples?


At TLC we love treating men and tailor our approach to deliver a male-oriented solution. All of our doctors have an in-depth understanding of the male facial structure and what can be done to improve patient pain points, from jawline to hair loss and frown lines. Visit our treatments for men page for more information.


Do I have to be interested in skincare to get something done?


No, there really is no such thing as a typical patient, “I get all kinds of people coming through the door, from those who want to look a bit more youthful to patients who want to like Instagram models, to guys who just want to look great because they are back on the dating scene.” – Dr Sarah Tonks, our lead cosmetic doctor.


How do I know if I need treatment?


Whether you want to improve the natural aging process or simply want to improve symmetry in the face, we can help. If there’s something on your mind that you would like us to improve, you can book an initial consultation with us and if you’re not quite there yet then you can always check out our dermal fillers for men YouTube playlist as we discuss lots of case studies of our male patients.


Will I look like I have had a treatment done?


Any male facial treatment carried out at The Lovely Clinic is done to look as natural as possible. We take into account that it’s not common for men to have zero lines or wrinkles on their faces, so we would never aim to remove these completely. Our focus is on improving, smoothing and lifting – in a subtle way.


What is a popular treatment for men?


Plenty of our male patients have facial treatments to improve their jawline. As this is such a strong feature on most males – and one that they take great pride in – we often work to improve the definition of the jawline which may change due to the natural aging process- this treatment is the source of a great confidence boost for many of our male patients! Explore our male treatments here and watch our YouTube video on what fillers can do to improve a jawline.


I have lines on my face that are bothering me. What can be done?


Lines and wrinkles – whether soft or ingrained – can be a cause for concern for all of our patients and are not exclusive to women. We have several solutions for facial wrinkles which can soften them or, if we catch them early enough, iron them out completely. In a consultation, we will identify how we can help give you a natural, effective result.


How can I look hotter?


A genuine question from many of our male patients. We love getting our male patients back to that ideal ratio keeping the face in symmetry just like when they were younger. For many of our patients, we use calipers to measure the face and establish how we can regain that symmetry which may have been lost as the skin sags. Find out more about this here.




If you have more questions, make sure you get in touch. At The Lovely Clinic we have many years of experience treating male patients and have treated a whole range of hang-ups – so remember that male facial treatments are no longer taboo and there is likely a solution we can help you with.




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