protein fix

Three things I’m loving right now

  1. Getting my protein fix

My friend has just launched his own range of pea and white hemp protein shakes called Muscle Mary (brilliant!) and they are delicious. There are a variety of flavours; vanilla dream, macho matcha, chocolate crush and berry haze and they are all vegan, halal, kosher and gluten, dairy, sugar and GMO-free. Each one is loaded with vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, folic acid and niacin and I would definitely make them part of my daily routine if I was on an exercise kick. Right now, I’m not doing enough to warrant additional protein, but I love the funky packaging enough to buy them still! Find out more at

  1. Heal me

I’ve got a brand in the clinic called Clinisept+ which I am absolutely loving. It’s non-toxic and a non-irritant which is brilliant as some people can be allergic to some of the preps used for skin – and they often have alcohol in them, which is very drying. It can even be used on broken skin to aid healing, and I have heard case reports of it being injected to help after an infection as it doesn’t destroy human cells. It works because it’s a very weak acid but very oxidising at the same time and it breaks down the cell walls of pathogens without touching human cells (they are too big – 10 x larger). It’s available as a prep to clean the skin before a procedure, or as a post-procedure tonic to prevent infection, such as after resurfacing laser work. Find out more at

  1. Going for glamour

I just bought some Stella McCartney Adidas Ultra Boost trainers. They are the comfiest shoes I have ever had, perfect for the gym and are almost smart enough to wear to work. I simply cannot rave about them enough! Find out more at

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