111 CRYO treatment

Three things I’m loving right now

  1. The Big Chill!

Brrrrrrr..!!! I just went down to Harvey Nichols to try out their much-talked about (well, at least much talked about by my friends…) 111 CRYO treatment, which is hailed for its muscle recovery, calorie burning, longevity and skin tightening benefits. It sounds like a faddish pursuit, there are no large clinical trials to support its use, and it is rather expensive at £95 for three minutes – but as it promises to torch 500-800 calories per session I just had to give it a try. It’s kind of like a fancy gym inside the concession. I was outfitted in these cute little booties, a head band and gloves whilst being otherwise under dressed, as in practically naked. Inside the chamber, it’s pretty cold. I’m talking -91° degrees and an anti-frostbite face mask which took me back to my dentistry days as it is basically a surgical mask, but anything in the name of beauty, right?  I stood in the chamber (imagine a walk in shower cubicle) for three minutes and it was over before I knew it, mainly because there are a selection of tunes you can listen to whilst you’re in the booth. Dancing to Britney definitely helps when in sub-zero temperatures. I noticed an improved blood flow and felt focused and calm afterwards. Try it! I can’t comment on any weight loss improvements yet as I have only been once, and it is recommended to go at least twice a week. I will keep you updated. For more information visit https://www.111cryo.com.

  1. Star SPF

I’m head-over-heels in love with Alumier MD tinted sunscreen SPF 40. It protects your skin from ageing from harmful UVA and UVB rays, while also evening your skin tone out. The finish is matte, so your skin doesn’t look at all shiny, something I occasionally struggle with. There are different shades available named Ivory, Sand and Amber – I am currently using Sand.  Find out more at https://www.alumiermd.com/product/12304.

  1. Mad for Mara

I find it really hard to find swimwear that fits me as I have an oversized bust according to swimwear manufacturers, so anything made of tiny bits of cloth really won’t work at all. I’m going off for some winter sun soon, so I had to keep my eyes peeled for suitable swimwear. I find racerback bikini styles really comfortable and flattering and recently (well, last season) grabbed myself Mara Hoffman’s Racerback Bikini in Misun Print. It features a navy and white print with a multicoloured rising sun and sunset, and I love it, I just wish I’d bought more than one because she hasn’t made any more racerback styles this season! That, my Kindle, Oliver Peoples sunnies, SPF, flip flops, tee shirt and a sunhat – and I’m beach ready. Find out more at https://www.marahoffman.com/.

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