Dissolve Stubborn Fat Deposits With Celluform

The scientific understanding of the body is ever-changing and Celluform is the latest treatment that draws on scientific research, combining potent ingredients that dissolve fatty deposits resistant to diet and exercise. 

It wasn’t until 1949 that epidemiologist, Jerry Morris, made the first meaningful connections between exercise and cardiovascular health. The nutritional benefits of antioxidant-rich foods were first properly explored in the 1990s. With every new study, we gain better insight into how to look after ourselves. When it comes to weight loss, you may feel that you’ve followed all of the available advice but certain pockets of fat just won’t budge. A course of injectable treatments at The Lovely Clinic can help you to banish bra bulges, reduce your double chin and achieve the look you’ve been striving for. Thanks, science! 

3 Powerful Ingredients 

Celluform combines soya lecithin, deoxycholic acid and vitamin PP (nicotinamide) at optimal concentrations to drastically reduce localised fat and cellulite. With excellent lipolytic properties, soya lecithin breaks down fat molecules so they are no longer stored in adipose tissue. The body’s lymphatic system naturally clears lipids that are released into the bloodstream, which reduces fat stores in target areas. Deoxycholic acid disrupts fat cell membranes, emulsifies the fat stored within and accelerates absorption within the intestines. The number of fat cells at injection sites is reduced as a result. Vitamin PP helps the body to convert food into usable energy and improves the function of the microcirculation system. This enhances fat loss and improves the appearance of dimpled skin.  

Celluform Vs. Celluform+

Celluform can be used to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat found all over the body. Celluform+ uses a modified list of ingredients to effectively treat the face, with a particular focus on the double chin. The deoxycholic acid-based solution emulsifies existing fat and permanently destroys fat cells. This stimulates the reorganisation of dermal tissue, creating a bio-stimulating effect, which lifts the skin through increased collagen production. The addition of arnica montana provides anti-inflammatory benefits, reduces bruising and minimises discomfort during the treatment. 

Which Areas Can Be Treated? 

Hips – Localised fat resulting in ‘love handles’ can be significantly reduced with a course of 4-6 Celluform treatments. 

Abdomen – Declining levels of oestrogen can lead to increased belly fat in women as they age. Fat-Dissolving Injections can help to prevent this. 

Arms – Exercise cannot be used to reduce fat in specific areas and many people find that overall weight loss does little to reduce the size of their arms. Celluform directly targets fat cells at injection sites, enabling you to re-sculpt your body.

Thighs – Hormones play a part in thigh and buttock fat, meaning that women are more likely to experience larger deposits than men. Injectable treatments may be the most effective way to slim down these areas. 

Bra Fat – Fat-Dissolving Injections are a popular choice for those who want to reduce the bulges that appear underneath or around the edges of their bra.  

Buttocks – Celluform injections target specific fat cells, enabling you to perfectly sculpt your buttocks. The solution also helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite, which often affects this area. 

Knees – Fatty tissue deposited around the knees can be effectively eliminated with a course of targeted injections. 

Double Chin – Celluform+ was specifically formulated to target fat cells in the face and double chin. A breakdown of fat cells in the subdermal layer of the skin results in a slimmer, more balanced profile. 

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