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Spotlight on anti-ageing supplements

I was recently at a longevity medicine conference in Paris and noticed a brand called Nacriderm, which had a stall there. My curiosity took over – plus they were offering free apples – so I went over to explore the beauty offerings they had on offer. They have a modest range of anti-ageing and skin-boosting products, but there was one which really stuck out and that was their Age Breaking Capsules. I mean, what’s not to love with a name like that..?!

So, what are these capsules all about? Consider them a super-supplement for your skin, designed to improve the tonicity, elasticity and radiance from the inside out. Glycation is a term you may be familiar with, as it’s a hot topic right now. Just for a little bit of science, it’s when the sugar molecules in the food you have eaten bond to collagen in your body. This process will have a negative impact on your skin and general health due to the formation of ‘advanced glycation end products’ (also known as ‘AGEs’). These AGEs degrade collagen and elastin and make them harden and lose elasticity. I’m talking dullness, sagginess, fine lines and winkles – urgh! More seriously, this can have a negative health impact on your arteries and blood vessels as collagen is also found in these. Making your arteries harder and more brittle does not sound like a good thing, and indeed it is thought to lead to heart attacks and strokes.

These capsules have been formulated with Rosmarinic acid as the active ingredient to decrease new and existing AGEs forming for more youthful, radiant skin – with just two capsules taken daily. The results are unique to each user and it’s imperative you have a healthy lifestyle to maximise results. Depending on your age, you can see results within one month – hurrah!

You can also check out their Age Breaker cream, which is a topical version of the capsules. Personally, I would just stick with the capsules unless you are going to use both. Find out more at

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