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Which Injection Technique Will Be Used For My Treatment?

The aesthetics industry has witnessed remarkable advancements in recent years. Powerful injectables have been formulated to enhance natural beauty and slow down the ageing process, whilst advanced injection methods have been developed to minimise side effects and maximise coverage. At The Lovely Clinic, we decide which injection technique to use based on the treatment you opt for and the area you’re targeting. 


Grid Method

The Grid Method is a meticulous approach that involves dividing the treatment area into a grid, creating 1㎠ sections. This allows practitioners to strategically administer injections at precise points. This technique is particularly useful for addressing larger treatment areas, such as the forehead, cheeks or hands. 


Injection Technique Benefits

  1. Consistency: The Grid Method ensures even distribution of the injectable, minimising the risk of over-treatment or under-treatment in broader treatment areas. 
  2. Precision: By targeting specific points, fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin are effectively targeted. 
  3. Natural Results: A harmonious appearance is achieved by addressing a larger area, ensuring changes don’t appear artificial. 


Common Injectables

The Grid Method can be used to inject tiny doses of Botox® across the face to improve skin texture and wrinkles. Dubbed ‘Microbotulinum’, the minimally invasive treatment is popular amongst middle-aged patients, who mainly report being ‘very satisfied’ 90 days after receiving the treatment. The Grid Method can also be used to treat the forehead or cheeks with Botox®, and the cheeks, temples and jawline with Dermal Filler.  


Bio Aesthetic Points (BAP) Technique

This 10-point injection process treats the entire face with the fewest number of syringes possible. 5 injection sites located on the upper cheek, nasal base, lower cheek, jawline and chin are mirrored on each side of the face. Each bio-aesthetic point enables the injectable to diffuse across expansive facial areas using subdermal patterns. 


Injection Technique Benefits

  1. Treatment Time: The BAP Technique requires a short treatment window, meaning you can be back to your daily activities within the hour.  
  2. Reduced Discomfort: Fewer injections mean less soreness, swelling and bruising, which keeps downtime to a minimum. 
  3. Balanced Results: The injectable spreads beneath the skin to rejuvenate the entire face. 


Common Injectables

BAP is the best injection technique for injectable moisturisers, such as Profhilo and Seventy Hyal. These products are less viscous than Dermal Fillers, allowing them to easily diffuse across your face, boosting hydration levels and stimulating collagen production. Injectable moisturisers beautifully complement Botox® and Fillers, creating a dewy complexion that’s soft to the touch.  


Multiple Manual Injections

This method involves targeting specific areas of concern as needed. Rather than creating a pattern to distribute the injectable, specific points are singled out by your practitioner to create your desired look.  


Injection Technique Benefits

  1. Customisation: Practitioners can create bespoke treatments tailored to your concerns. 
  2. Comprehensive Treatment: This technique allows for addressing multiple aspects of facial ageing, including wrinkles, volume loss and asymmetry. 
  3. Optimal Results: By strategically injecting at precise points, natural-looking results are achieved for your unique facial structure. 


Common Injectables

This technique is versatile and can be adapted to address multiple concerns. Manual Injections of Botox® treat deep-set wrinkles and the method is also popular when using Dermal Filler to recontour features or balance facial asymmetry. Choosing a skilled and experienced practitioner is essential when this technique is used as they will understand the quantity needed at each injection site and the effect it will have on neighbouring areas.   


Discuss Your Injection Technique With Your Practitioner

Depending on your treatment and skincare concerns, your practitioner will decide upon the most effective injectable method. During your consultation, they will describe the procedure in detail and answer any questions that you may have. If you would like to try a particular injection technique, discuss this with your practitioner and they will determine whether it is suitable. Visit our website to see our complete list of injectables and browse through previous blogs to learn about treatments in greater depth. 


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