5 Ways To Prevent Post-Treatment Bruising

Injectables can offer ageing skin a lifeline. With that said, bruising at the injection sites can be bothersome. Although many people do not experience bruising after their treatment, it is an unwanted side effect that we warn all of our patients about during their consultation. Even if you’ve experienced injectable bruising before, our pre-treatment advice and aftercare may help you to avoid it next time.


How To Avoid Bruising After Injections


  • Eliminate Alcohol 

Abstaining from alcohol is a must before and after your injectable appointment but, if you love a glass of wine, don’t panic – it’s only for 24 hours pre and post-treatment. As a vasodilator, alcohol dilates the blood vessels, making bruising more likely to occur when the injections take place. Steering clear of boozy beverages for at least one day prior to your appointment sets the stage for a smooth recovery.  


  • No Exercise For 2 Days

Yes, exercising is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle but to prevent bruising after treatment, it’s wise to give your body a brief rest from strenuous physical activity. Workouts increase blood flow, which can cause injection sites to bruise more easily. Enjoying 2 days of relaxation enables your body to effectively heal.  


  • Elevate Your Head At Night

For the first few days post-procedure, ensure your head remains higher than your heart whilst you sleep. By keeping your head elevated, you reduce blood flow to the face and minimise the chance of developing bruising. Pile up your pillows and find a comfortable sleeping position that promotes optimal healing and recovery. 


  • Avoid Blood Thinning Medication

Certain medications, including aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), have blood-thinning properties that can slow platelets. If these specialised cells are unable to reach broken capillaries, the risk of bruising after injection treatments heighten. You must consult your doctor before discontinuing these medications before and after your injectable treatment. Always follow the advice of a healthcare professional and prioritise your health. 


  • Apply Ice Packs

We recommend using ice packs as part of your injectable aftercare. Ice constricts blood vessels and slows the flow of blood to injection sites. Applying cold packs for short intervals for 24 hours following your procedure helps to soothe the treatment area and reduce your chances of post-treatment bruising. Remember to use a soft cloth or towel to avoid direct contact with the skin to prevent discomfort. 


Book Your Injectable Treatment At The Lovely Clinic

Our team of skincare experts are trained to the highest standards when administering injectables. You can be sure that their skill with a needle will prevent unwanted bruising as much as possible from the professional side. By following the 5 tips in this blog, we hope that you will avoid post-treatment bruising altogether, leaving you free to enjoy your bright, youthful-looking skin


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