Everything You Need To Know About Sculptra

For many, Sculptra can be seen as the holy grail of facial injectable treatments. One which gives subtle and natural volume replacement and skin improvement gradually, over time so the results are imperceptible. As it can treat a wide area in one treatment, it can be more budget friendly too.

By age 45 you may have lost 25% of your collagen and as your supply of this structural protein dwindles, unwanted signs of ageing become increasingly apparent. There are plenty of procedures that correct the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin, but, nowadays, the leading breakthrough treatments seek to prevent premature ageing.

What Is Sculptra?

It’s a collagen bio-stimulator. This means that when the substance is injected into the skin, it stimulates the tissue to produce collagen. Sculptra’s poly-L-lactic (PLLA) formula is specially designed to help restore the skin’s inner structure and revitalise the complexion. As the PLLA microparticles are absorbed, the body responds by increasing its natural collagen production.

By addressing the root cause of ageing, Sculptra is effective in preventing the development of crow’s feet, marionette lines and sunken cheeks. Repeated treatments can correct the appearance of existing fine lines and wrinkles, yet desired outcomes occur gradually as collagen strands take time to rebuild. This enables you to hide your use of cosmetic treatments should you wish to. One study found that 94% of participants agreed that results appeared natural 2 years post-treatment.

The number of appointments required to reduce signs of ageing and prevent future collagen loss varies from person to person. On average, we recommend 3 treatments spaced around a month apart.

Am I A Suitable Candidate?

Those with mild to moderate ageing are best suited to Sculptra treatments. By replenishing lost collagen, skin appears firmer, lifted and younger-looking over time/ However, the treatment is not as effective in reducing the appearance of more mature wrinkles.

Sculptra’s biocompatible formula enables all skin types to be treated. A full health review will be carried out during your pre-treatment consultation to assess your suitability for treatment as a healthy immune system is required.


What Can I Expect From My Treatment?

Before treatment, a topical numbing cream will be applied to the injection sites to minimise discomfort. A series of tiny injections will be administered with most procedures lasting between 20-40 minutes. Following Sculptra treatments, clients may experience mild bleeding or bruising, however, this soon subsides and is nothing to worry about. This non-surgical treatment requires little to no downtime, meaning you can go about your day-to-day activities straight away.

The body takes time to produce enough collagen for visible anti-ageing, so results begin to appear after around 6 weeks. After completing the recommended number of treatments outlined by your practitioner, results may last for up to 2 years.

Book A Consultation At The Lovely Clinic

To book a skincare consultation at The Lovely Clinic, simply call 07932 663292 or complete our online enquiry form. During your appointment, your experienced practitioner will assess your skin and ask relevant questions about your health, which may affect your suitability for treatment.

You can also use this time to ask any questions that you may have. Together, you and your practitioner will build a treatment plan to achieve your desired look. This may consist of a basic course of Sculptra treatments or you may decide that a combination of treatments would be most beneficial.

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