The Long-Term Goals And Maintenance Of Injectable Treatments

Injectable treatments such as Dermal Fillers and Muscle-Relaxing Injections offer almost immediate results without the associated pain and recovery time of surgery. Whilst enjoying your refreshed look it can be easy to forget that these results are not permanent and will need to be repeated to prolong the effects of smoothing the skin and restoring volume. Consulting with an expert in aesthetic medicine, such as Dr Sarah Tonks at The Lovely Clinic, enables you to achieve the look you’re after whilst also ensuring that you can maintain the look in the long term.

How Long Do Injectable Treatments Last?

Muscle-Relaxing Injections

Repetitive expressions such as smiling, squinting and frowning create dynamic wrinkles, which become more pronounced as our collagen levels naturally deplete with age. Muscle-Relaxing Injections block chemical signals from the nerves that stimulate muscle contractions. This temporarily inhibits the skin from expressive creasing and prevents new lines from forming.

Results from Muscle-Relaxing Injections last for approximately 3-4 months, however, this time frame may be shorter or longer depending on several factors. Metabolism and the severity of the wrinkles before receiving treatment can affect the longevity of the muscle-relaxing formula. Injectable treatments used to create delicate and natural-looking results may require more frequent top-ups as only a small amount of solution is injected during each session.

Dermal Fillers

The primary ingredient in the majority of Dermal Fillers is hyaluronic acid. When injected into the skin, the substance acts like a sponge, attracting and holding onto water. This reverses signs of ageing by filling creases and volumising sunken areas of skin. Fillers also allow facial features to be reimagined. Unwanted bumps and hooks can be disguised with Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty and greater definition can be added to weak chins and jawlines.

Like other injectable treatments, Fillers require maintenance. Hyaluronic acid is naturally broken down by the body, meaning the effects of treatment are not permanent. Collagen production is increased at injection sites meaning the face may not completely revert to its pretreatment state for years, but fine lines and lost volume will begin to reappear after around 6 months.


When your skin appears lacklustre and tired or is beginning to show signs of ageing, Mesotherapy provides the perfect solution. After discussing your lifestyle, current skincare routine and desired look, your practitioner at The Lovely Clinic will create a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, antioxidants, amino acids and hyaluronic acid to transform your skin. Each ingredient is specifically selected to enhance skin health, with goals including boosted hydration, improvements in circulation and inflammation, and diminished fine lines and wrinkles.

To begin with, we recommend 6 Mesotherapy sessions spaced 2-3 weeks apart. Results appear gradually and improve over time as collagen levels increase and skin cell repair takes effect. To maintain results, injectable treatments should be scheduled every 3 months or so. The blend of ingredients can be adjusted to suit changing skin needs on an ongoing basis, ensuring your skin is always nourished and glowing.

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Having performed over 20,000 procedures, Dr Tonks is unrivalled in her ability to deliver anti-ageing results and improved skin health through uniquely tailored injectable treatments. Under her practised hand, you can be sure that your bespoke treatment plan will not only achieve the exact look you desire but that you are also well informed on the recovery and maintenance process post-treatment.

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