HArmonyCa™ – The Ultimate Hybrid Dermal Filler

Allergan is one of the leading companies driving the advancement of aesthetic medicine. When the creators of Botox® and Juvéderm announce that they’ve created their first hybrid Dermal Filler, the whole world pays attention. HArmonyCa™ is a dual-acting injectable made from hyaluronic acid (HA) and calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHa). Combining the instant lift of a Dermal Filler and the increased collagen synthesis of a biostimulator, this innovative product is already a firm favourite at The Lovely Clinic.  


The Role Of Fibroblasts In Ageing

A fibroblast is a cell found in connective tissue that supports and connects other tissues or organs in the body. The specialised cells secrete collagen proteins that provide your skin with a structural framework. Making up the main cellular population of the dermis, the decline in fibroblast numbers and functional activity causes ageing over time. As the cells slowly lose their regenerative capabilities, less collagen is produced and your skin loses its elasticity and youthful integrity. Fine lines and sagging skin develop, causing features such as the cheeks and jawline to lose definition. HArmonyCA™, Allergan’s first hybrid Dermal Filler, helps to reverse signs of ageing by activating fibroblast receptors thereby stimulating collagen production. 


A Powerful Dual-Action Hybrid Dermal Filler 

Juvéderm is the UK’s most popular brand of Dermal Filler, so Allergan knows a thing or two about creating effective hyaluronic acid-based gels! Like other products within their remit, HArmonyCa™ contains a high molecular weight cross-linked HA solution that adds instant volume to sunken facial features. Linking HA molecules makes the substance more challenging to break down, prolonging its contouring effect. HArmonyCa™ allows the mid to lower face to be completely enhanced, restoring firmness and providing subtle definition where features have softened due to sagging skin. 


The addition of calcium hydroxyapatite provides a secondary anti-ageing benefit. CaHa microspheres directly activate fibroblast cells. This induces neocollagenesis, which improves the structural support within connective tissue. As collagen levels rise, fine lines appear reduced and the complexion feels supple and lifted. Therefore, this powerful hybrid Dermal Filler provides instant results that improve in line with rising collagen levels.  


Is HArmonyCa™ The Right Treatment For Me?

HArmonyCa™ is an ideal treatment if you’re seeking to reestablish youthful contours in the mid to lower face. Cheeks can be heightened, jawlines sharpened and chins sculpted, but the product is not suitable in other areas. If your aim is to freshen your eye area or plump your lips, your practitioner at The Lovely Clinic will recommend alternative treatments during your consultation. 


With two active ingredients providing dual-action anti-ageing effects, HArmonyCa™ treatments typically last between 18 – 24 months. This makes this hybrid Dermal Filler one of the most enduring solutions on the market. A small amount of lidocaine (a numbing local anaesthetic) is present in the product to minimise patient discomfort. Swelling, redness or bruising may occur at injection sites, but these effects quickly subside.  


Book Your Appointment At The Lovely Clinic  

Skin ageing occurs in many forms. Sagging skin, wrinkles and photodamaged skin require a specialist’s analysis to ensure effective solutions are reached. All of the practitioners at The Lovely Clinic are highly trained and experienced and will use their expertise to create bespoke treatment plans tailored to your unique skin concerns. 


HArmonyCa™ boasts impressive results for the mid/lower face but our team will never assess a facial feature in isolation. For example, creating a higher cheek profile without considering the impact on the eye area may result in a lack of balance. When you choose The Lovely Clinic, you can be sure that your treatment, or course of treatments, will result in natural-looking, harmonious results. 


To schedule a consultation call 020 3695 5400, email hello@thelovelyclinic.co.uk, or complete our online booking form. Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about our diverse range of treatments, including the HArmonyCA™ hybrid Dermal Filler.


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