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Under Eye Fillers For Tired Eyes

It’s a fact: we all hate tired-looking eyes.


Whether from late nights, a hectic lifestyle or even a simple genetics, tired eyes can creep up on us before we realise and they really can make us feel self-conscious.


At TLC we take all of life’s skin woes seriously, which is why we have tried and trusted options for treating the pesky tired eye look.


Firstly, let’s dive into why we get tired eyes in the first place. The eyes are very susceptible to sagging and puffiness as we get older. While many people can suffer with this from a younger age, it does typically tend to affect our patients aged 30 and above s this is when the under-eye area starts to lose its elasticity.


You can tell if your under-eye skin has lost its elasticity by doing a simple pinch test (watch our YouTube video on tired eyes for a demo). If the skin takes more than 3 seconds to snap back to its natural position, you could benefit from some under-eye fillers to give your under eyes some tightness and sparkle back.


Our ‘tired eyes’ filler treatments can help treat small bulges under the eyes and pesky fine lines, but for problems like dark circles we’d recommend treatments that improve the sluggish blood flow that often causes them. So rather than plumping up the area with a filler, we’d use mesotherapy, carboxytherapy, or our wonderful PRP treatment to bring some lightness back to the area.


If you think fillers could be the answer for your tired eyes feel free to read on to explore our two hero tired eyes filler treatments.


LightEyes Ultra


A special vitamin cocktail that’s injected into the tear troughs to alleviate puffy eyes, LightEyes Ultra includes a range of plant-based ingredients which, when combined, provide a powerhouse of support for the under-eyes:


  • Vitamin C: Favours the formation of collagen and gives protection from free radicals while strengthening the tissues around the eye
  • Chamomile extract: Has an anti-inflammatory and soothing action
  • Fermented papaya: Has a high carotenoid content that slows down the process of aging caused by free radicals
  • Hyaluronic acid: One of the fundamental components of the connective tissue which enables the skin to maintain its form


We recommend having 1 session every 2 weeks for up-to 4 sessions with a follow-up session every 3 months, though this can differ for each of our patients so we’d work out the best plan for you. 


We love this treatment not only for its help with re-awakening tired eyes, but for benefiting the health of the general eye area and providing wonderful eye contour refreshment that’s subtle and will leave you feeling confident again.




Another great option for combating pesky tired eyes, Sunekos is an injectable formula containing hyaluronic acid and a specific cluster of amino acids.


Sunekos is great for restoring the biological functions of the skin and adding a naturally youthful overall glow. It also helps with the loss of volume in the face and has shown up to 24% improvement in patients. This is because it encourages the production of protein and elastin, something we naturally make less of as we get older.


Results also include a significant reduction in wrinkles along with deep skin hydration and an improvement in the surface of the skin as little as 10 days after treatment. And this will last up to 6 months which means you have one less thing to worry about as the treatment gets to work.


We’d recommend Sunekos for anyone who wants to make a subtle improvement to their tired eyes. It can also be used on the cheeks and neck to add some tightness back.

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Contact us for an initial consultation and we can discuss the best course of treatment for you. But be sure of one thing – we can do something about tired eyes so you look and feel fabulous again.


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