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Non-invasive Skin Tightening: Everything You Need To Know

Skin tightening, it’s something we all wish we had a magic wand for!

With so many clinics and products out there claiming that they have the answer for tighter skin, you would certainly be forgiven for trying all kinds of treatments that involve needles and knives to achieve plumper, more youthful-looking skin.

Luckily, here at The Lovely Clinic we’ve found a brilliant solution for non-invasive skin tightening, so think again when you’re tempted to go for a needle-based treatment. Beauty doesn’t have to be ‘no pain, no gain’, and that’s exactly where our ULTRAcel Q+ machine comes in. 

Here’s the lowdown: from the makers of INTRAcel and ULTRAcel, ULTRAcel Q+ is a high-intensity ultrasound machine that gives deep, long-lasting results in the skin tissues. Aside from being a safe treatment with no downtime, benefits include precise targeting on specific areas, no damage to the skin, no anaesthesia or injections required, and absolutely no downtime. So you can walk out of our clinic with your skin feeling pumped and invigorated – for that ultimate smile-inducing feeling.

While this non-invasive skin tightening treatment is great for treating the face, it can also be used on the body as well. Using two effective ultrasound beams, the skin is first tightened by the initial beam which encourages lifting and tightening on the surface, while the second beam reaches the deeper layers of the body for effective contouring and fat reduction. These effects tend to be instant, but the great news is that they also continue to develop over time so you can enjoy lasting results.

We’ve been asked by lots of our patients why our treatment is better than a firming cream, and there’s one simple answer to this: no cream can penetrate the skin the way that ultrasound can. Plus, the effects of ultrasound last for a long time and don’t require you to tend to them every day, unlike with a firming cream. If you’re intrigued we have our FAQs on non-invasive ultrasound treatments right here!


So if you’re looking for a non-invasive solution for bra bulge, wrinkly knees or tightening on the upper arms, our fabulous ULTRAcel Q skin tightening treatment could be just the solution you need. Book an initial consultation to see how we can help.


INTRAcel and ULTRAcel – https://thelovelyclinic.co.uk/treatments/intracel-and-ultracel/ 

Book an initial consultation – https://thelovelyclinic.co.uk/book-a-consultation/

FAQs on non-invasive ultrasound treatments – https://thelovelyclinic.co.uk/treatments/intracel-and-ultracel/


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