What Is A Non-Surgical Thread Lift?

Plenty of good things come with age: wisdom, career progression and a strong sense of self. However, jowls, turkey neck and heavy eyes don’t make the list. If your formerly supple skin is now beginning to sag, a Non-Surgical Thread Lift could be just the treatment you’ve been looking for. In one simple procedure, under the skin threads lift sagging skin whilst simultaneously triggering the production of collagen. Ready for a natural-looking facelift without going under the knife? Choose from two transformational treatments at The Lovely Clinic

APTOS Thread Lift

Created by the pioneer of thread lifting treatments, Dr Sulamanidze, APTOS threads were designed to replicate the results of the traditional facelift, without the need for surgery. By using threads similar to surgical sutures, practitioners are able to pull the skin taut, reimagining heavy eyes, sunken cheeks and sagging jawlines. The hair-like threads are uniquely designed with multidirectional barbs to facilitate a long-lasting hold of tissue in the face and neck. 

Results are achieved in a number of stages. Primary, lifting is immediately visible following treatment as the sutures pull skin tissue back into a more youthful position. Later, as the APTOS threads are naturally broken down by the body, a healing response is initiated. This stimulates the production of collagen, the main protein responsible for skin elasticity. Now in their third generation, the design of APTOS threads has evolved to contain hyaluronic acid. This naturally occurring substance attracts and retains water molecules, giving the skin a burst of hydration. The upshot of this anti-ageing triple attack is continually improving results that last for up to two years. 

Nordyx Thread Lift

Nordyx threads are made of PLACL, a combination of polycaprolactone and polylactic-acid, which are biocompatible materials that break down without leaving any residue. The Nordyx thread range is versatile. They carry bidirectional threads, meaning the barbs are positioned towards the middle which prevents migration within the tissue and secures the threads in place; dead space threads in which there is a space for the tissue to be pushed into the thread giving incomparable lift; spiral and straight threads which are perfect for treating under eye creepy skin, lips and emphasising cheekbones by shrinking-wrapping the skin rather than adding volume. 

In addition to the stimulation of collagen production, Nordyx threads trigger angiogenesis – the formation of new capillaries. This increases blood circulation, which enables better transportation of nutrients to skin cells. The treated area not only appears smooth and lifted but glowing and healthy, too. 

What Areas Can Be Treated? 

Both types of Thread Lift can treat multiple areas of sagging skin, resulting in more defined features and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Popular areas include the eyebrows, cheeks, jowls and neck, although treatments can also correct facial asymmetry, thinning lips and bags under the eyes. 

Before treatment, we recommend booking a skincare consultation at The Lovely Clinic. During the appointment, your practitioner will assess your skin and discuss possible procedures. After this, a bespoke treatment plan will be created in order to achieve your desired look. 

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