Our Most Effective Dermal Filler Treatments

Dermal Fillers are fast becoming the ‘go-to’ treatment, with over 40,000 internet searches for Lip Filler procedures every month. Subtle emphasis combined with immediate results makes a compelling partnership that many want to take advantage of. But despite being the front runner, the lips are only one in a great line of features that can be plumped, volumised and reshaped. Take a look at our most effective Dermal Filler treatments and explore how anti-ageing, facial harmony and natural-looking enhancement can be achieved with ease. 

Top 10 Most Effective Dermal Filler Treatments At The Lovely Clinic


A few fine lines here and there can be overlooked but when volume loss occurs in the cheeks, the effect of ageing is sadly inescapable. Effective Dermal Filler treatments heighten the cheeks, consequently lifting the lower half of the face – offering two anti-ageing benefits in one simple procedure! 


Frequently creased in expression, the forehead is one of the first places to develop fine lines and wrinkles. Small amounts of Dermal Filler can be injected to stave off premature ageing and larger quantities fill deeper, more prominent furrows. 


Commonly referred to as the ‘liquid nose job’, non-surgical rhinoplasty is achieved through the targeted use of Dermal Fillers. The injectable can adjust the size and shape of the nose, correcting any unwanted irregularities. What’s more, these effective Dermal Filler treatments disguise unsightly bumps and hooks at a fraction of the cost of surgery and with little to no downtime


Naturally, Lip Enhancement was sure to make our top 10 most effective Dermal Filler treatments! Whether you aim to add volume, correct asymmetry or smooth away the vertical lines that etch the lips, The Lovely Clinic can certainly help. 

Tear Troughs 

Dark bags under the eyes are often associated with a lack of sleep, however, genetics and ageing can cause tear troughs to appear more hollow. Dermal Filler injections under the eyes leave the face looking fresh and more healthy. 

Marionette Lines

The lines that run from the corners of the mouth to the chin become more prominent as we age due to a loss of collagen and tissue volume. Addressing this volume loss is one of the most effective Dermal Filler treatments for the lower face, creating an instantly more youthful look. 


The face receives the most aesthetic attention, however, it is important not to neglect other areas of the body in the battle against ageing. The décolletage often develops wrinkles over time and can appear creased and paper-thin. Dermal Filler injections rejuvenate the skin and smooth away fine lines. 


Ageing of the hands often happens without us paying much attention. One day you may look at your hands and see a dramatic loss of volume highlighting the bones and veins under the skin. Injecting Dermal Filler into the hollow areas of the hand pads out the skin and revitalises their appearance. 

Redefining Facial Shape

Resculpting facial contours with Dermal Filler is one of the easier ways to retain youthful-looking skin. Keep people guessing your age by evading sunken cheeks and hollow temples. Fillers may also be used around the hairline to lift the crown and subtly heighten the brows. 

Rebalancing The Profile 

An asymmetrical nose or a set-back chin creates an unbalanced profile. Correcting facial proportions is one of the most effective Dermal Filler treatments in terms of patient satisfaction. By creating a more harmonious silhouette, showing your ‘best side’ for photos becomes a thing of the past!  

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