Everything You Need To Know About Profhilo

Our Profhilo treatment might sound technical, but it’s purpose is a simple one: to provide hydration, plumpness and radiance to skin. So if you’ve got dry, crepey or lack-lustre skin anywhere on your face, this could be the facial treatment for you. 


It may be a relatively new kid on the block, but Profhilo is already making waves in the world of beauty. Known as the most exciting development in injectable treatments in a long time, there’s no wonder people across the world are keen to get in on its wonderful effects. But what makes it so great? Read on to get clued up on your new favourite skin treatment.


What’s Profhilo and how does it work?

Profhilo uses hyaluronic acid, a water-holding molecule (the cosmetic and beauty world’s wonder ingredient!) which penetrates deep within the skin to give a youthful glow and plump-looking skin. Not only does it hydrate the skin, it also remodels ageing and sagging tissue.


So how does the treatment work? Well, we inject Profhilo into the skin at 5 points around each side of the face. So rather than working on one specific area, we use Profhilo to give a more even result impacting the mid and lower parts of the face.


Once we’ve injected Profhilo, it gets to work over the next 28 days, stimulating collagen and elastin while the hyaluronic acid slowly releases into the surrounding skin. The result? A wonderful, radiant glow.


Is Profhilo the same as fillers and wrinkle-relaxation treatments?

If you’re wondering how Profhilo compares to fillers and wrinkle injections, this is where it differs: while fillers plump certain areas of the face – like targeting pesky undereye lines or forehead wrinkles – Profhilo works on the skin to ensure a more even complexion and hydrated skin.


And where anti-wrinkle injections work by temporarily ‘freezing’ certain areas of the face in order to prevent the formation of lines and wrinkles, Profhilo works across all of the face to give all areas a lovely boost. So there’ll be no frozen forehead but you will be glowing all over and any fine lines will look much lighter.

How do I know if Profhilo is for me?

If you want to make changes to your face like firming up the forehead, working on the chin or plumping up your lips, we’d recommend dermal fillers which are a hit with lots of our clients. With fillers we can target specific areas of the face and transform your beauty hangups like pesky thinning lips.


But if you’d like to achieve a result that will show across your entire face and will be beautifully subtle, then Profhilo is for you. Think of it as enhancing your face rather than changing it. There’s also little to no downtime required, so you can be out and about the very same day.

Used on its own or alongside other skin-boosting treatments, Profhilo’s the way to go if you’re conscious of skin ageing and nervous of having regular dermal fillers.


What are the advantages of Profhilo?

Studies show that Profhilo is a great hit with patients both during and after treatment as it’s not an aggressive treatment and uses only a tiny needle. Plus, the hydration provided to the skin is subtle and works over time rather than showing instantly which many patients enjoy.

And as you know, Profhilo boosts the entire mid and lower face rather than specific areas, giving you that ‘just landed back from holiday’ glow without having to go anywhere. So if sleepless nights or a hectic lifestyle are your day-to-day realities, then Profhilo could be your secret weapon. Get the Gloss claim “it rehydrates and re-textures crepey skin in a way that no topical lotion could ever do.”

Plus, with added volume and hydration in the skin comes a lift effect, too, which our patients absolutely love. And with results lasting for an average of three to six months, we couldn’t be happier with Profhilo’s long list of benefits.


All in all, Profhilo’s the ultimate all-rounder for us at The Lovely Clinic contact us for an initial consultation and we can achieve the glowing skin you so deserve.


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