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Everything You Need To Know Before Trying Dermal Fillers

There’s no doubt that dermal fillers are a firm favourite at The Lovely Clinic! We love that the instant results we get from this treatment (with very little downtime required!) means our happy patients can walk out feeling fabulous straight away. We appreciate that choosing a facial treatment is a big decision that can take time and if you’re wondering whether filler treatments are right for you just read on! Here, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about fillers from our team of experts at The Lovely Clinic. You can also head over to our dermal fillers page for the whole scoop on fillers and read through our full FAQ’s.


Rebalance your facial profile

As we age, volume will be reduced in the face through fat and bone loss and this is where dermal fillers come in, giving plumpness and shape back to the face. We can also use the same molecule, hyaluronic acid as an injectable moisturiser which hydrates the skin from the inside out because it binds to water so efficiently.  The skin also produces more collagen after these treatments too so you’re instantly left feeling and looking refreshed.


Disguise your facial pain points

Fillers can be really useful to help improve areas of the face that are bothering you. We can use fillers around the hairline to lift the crown or to subtly raise the brows, as well as change the way the jawline and chin appear, shaping them into a more desirable structure.


Fillers and wrinkle relaxation treatments are NOT the same thing

There has long been a debate on wrinkle relaxation treatments vs fillers. In a nutshell wrinkle injections can be used to prevent a muscle from moving and are frequently used in the upper face for any visible lines but also can be used in the lower face, again to prevent a troubled muscle pulling, cuasing the face appear sad. On the other hand, dermal fillers are typically volumising treatments used in areas that have experienced volume loss but they can also be used to improve skin quality and hydration.


For all shapes and sizes

We realise that no two faces are the same, so we take the time to understand the demands of the face contour and texture which can vary for everyone. Head to our YouTube channel to explore our previous work with female, male and trans patients.


Not just for the face

Whilst the most obvious use might be to plump up the lips and cheeks, almost any area of the face can be treated with fillers including the undereye area and jawline. We can also look at options for hands, neck and decolletage as these tend to show aging even more prematurely than the face and many of our patients wish to improve them.


Improve the quality of your skin

Dermal fillers can also be used to improve the skin quality and texture of the face, necklace line and décolletage, from roughness to fine lines and even acne scars. Visit our solutions for the hands, neck and decolletage for more information.


They’re not as scary as they sound

Although fillers aren’t usually painful, we have the option to provide a local or topical anaesthetic. We can also use a vibration device to ease the sensation of pain during treatment. There are lots of procedural tips and tricks which we have learned through experience, so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands at TLC.


Long-lasting results

Our dermal fillers typically last from three to twenty-four months depending on the procedure you have had and how your skin behaves. Your doctor will talk you through this so you know what to expect, but rest assured that your results will be long-lasting and as natural-looking as you like. 


Reversing the treatment is a possibility

If you change your mind or feel the results don’t suit you, although we will do everything to ensure this isn’t the outcome, the good news is that we can generally reverse the treatment. It is possible to do this with an enzyme called hyaluronidase which breaks down the filler in a fairly short space of time. It’s important to note however that some products such as Radiesse, Ellanse and Sculptra are not removable and should generally be avoided for first-timers.


They can go wrong

That’s not to say that we leave any room for error at The Lovely Clinic. Our years of knowledge, experience and practice mean that you’re in safe hands and we like to think our team of dedicated doctors are the best of the best – but we’re biased! Our trusted team have dealt with dissolving poorly placed fillers for many patients that have had a bad experience elsewhere with other practitioners. Here on our YouTube channel, Dr Sarah Tonks discusses what could go wrong.


Be preventative

We firmly believe that dermal fillers can be preventative by stopping a line from properly forming and becoming ingrained in the skin. As collagen growth is stimulated by fillers, this also means the skin is working hard to retain its plumpness, helping you avoid future sagging – particularly helpful in the pesky under-eye area.


Eager to find out more?

Our dedicated team at The Lovely Clinic are on hand to answer any questions you might have on fillers or facial treatments. Visit our contact page to discover how you can get in touch. Alternatively, head to our dermal fillers page for more FAQs and information on filler treatments.



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